Crown Events

Crown offers a variety of seminars and workshops to introduce biblical principles of financial management and stewardship to the church and community. Seminar instructors around the country are available to present Crown Financial Ministries’ seminars and to speak to church groups, business organizations, denominational meetings, and pastors. The Journey to Financial Freedom Seminar is the most popular with churches and several are held every month.

Journey to Financial Freedom Seminar

Crown Money Map™ Seminar

Whether your finances are a mess or you already have a handle on your spending, a clear, personalized roadmap will help keep you on track to meet your unique goals and arrive at your destination free from regrets.

Join us for the Journey to Financial Freedom Seminar and discover the intersection of God and your finances.

This live, fast-paced experience will give you the following three things:


  • Learn practical steps for eliminating debt
  • Develop confidence in your financial decisions
  • End the day with a personalized plan for managing your finances and your life

This updated seminar, led by a trained Crown seminar instructor, features the following:

  • Biblical teaching on how to apply the wisdom of the Bible into everyday financial-decision making hands-on, practical sessions to create and apply what you're learning
  • Group setting where your privacy is maintained yet still have the freedom to ask questions
  • New video and other multimedia teaching tools during the seminar
  • New online support web site to provide help before and after the seminar

Business by the Book Seminar

In today’s competitive and confusing business environment, Christians are looking for answers to the tough questions they face every day. Fortunately, God’s plan for a Christian in business is right in the Bible.

This seminar will challenge you to apply biblical principles to every aspect of your business.

You will discover how to:

  • Develop a clear and compelling sense of purpose for your business and distinguish it in the marketplace.
  • Make profitable financial decisions by applying biblical wisdom to key result areas.
  • Trade concern over profit and loss for a genuine peace of mind.
  • Replace fear of failure with confidence.
  • Turn staff strife into enthusiasm.

Our all-new seminar reveals the answers to some difficult questions.

  • How can I determine the purpose of my work/business?
  • What should be our relationship to our employees?
  • How can we operate our businesses with integrity?bbbsign
  • How can I collect biblically what is due ?
  • How can I determine godly long-range goals?
  • Should Christians be involved in partnerships?
  • How and when should I lend money and/or extend credit?
  • How can I compete and honor God?
  • What role should my spouse play?
  • How can I create a biblically based corporate culture?

Designed especially for busy executives, the Business by the Book seminar is wonderfully practical, fast paced, and highly interactive. Using actual case studies and lively question-and-answer sessions, you will discover that the Bible addresses just about any business quandary you can imagine. This seminar is a catalyst God can use to transform your entire business and career.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join thousands of business leaders worldwide who have benefited from attending this seminar.

Life Group Leader Training

We recognize that leading a Crown Life Group will require a commitment of time and effort, and we are grateful for your sacrifice of time.

To prepare you to lead the study, Crown offers a Life Group Leader Training. You will need to invest four to six hours of preparation before attending the training. Spouses are encouraged to attend at no additional cost, however they must complete all of the training requirements as well, and their attendance must be reflected on your registration form.

These "Life Group Leader Training" sessions are usually on Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM and are regularly scheduled throughout the country. The training schedule is updated weekly.

You will automatically receive your Leader Training Materials Kit after you register for a Life Group training event. The kit includes the following resources:

  • Leader's Guide
  • Life Group Manual
  • Practical Application Workbook
  • Your Money Counts book
  • Practical Application DVD Leader Training Checklist

Leader Training Requirements and Checklist

Contact the Following People

Checkbox 1. Meet with your pastor to discuss Crown Financial Ministries and to
review the materials.

Checkbox 2. Schedule your co-leader training.The two people who are going to
lead the study should both come to the training prepared.

Reminder: Two leaders are required for each class, and a married couple counts as only one leader.

Leader Training Requirements

Checkbox 3. Read the entire Your Money Counts book.

Checkbox 4. Read pages 3-16 of the Leader’s Guide (blue and white).

Checkbox 5. Read pages 4-5 of the Life Group Manual (red).

Checkbox 6. Life Group Manual Week 1: Complete all assignments including Scripture memorization (pages 7-11).

Checkbox 7. Life Group Manual Week 3: Complete all assignments including Scripture memorization (pages 27-42).

Checkbox 8. View “Week 1” segment of the Practical Application DVD.

Checkbox 9. Go online to and read the “Getting Started” and “Church Manual” sections.

Checkbox 10. Complete the Debt List and Debt Repayment Schedule in the Practical Application Workbook (pages 21-23, 40-44).

What to Bring

Bring this checklist to the training, along with your red Life Group Manual, white Practical Application Workbook, the blue and white Leader’s Guide, and your Bible.

It is essential that all 10 requirements be completed before the training. If for any reason you are unable to do so, please contact your Trainer or the Event Coordinator.


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